Online Strategies


Strategic Planning. Every online project should start with a marketing plan. Gather as much information possible and set very clear goals for all your online marketing campaigns. Meetings / Workshops to analyse internal business processes and site directions. What exactly do you want to communicate and what exactly do you want your audience to do on your website?

2. CONCEPT Phase

Making sure the site is designed to meet the needs of your audience. Creating general site directions for optimised user experience. Page layouts and Navigation concepts. Process and workflow planning, (eg in case of e-commerce order, payment, deliver and stock keeping) Deciding which tools and modules to use on the website. (CMS, shopping carts, booking software newsletter, google maps, etc)

3. DESIGN Phase

All creative art work. Getting the look and feel right. Visual communication: focusing on graphically oriented usability Storyboards for animated billboards. Selecting images and Slogans. Colour concepts for navigation and highlight areas. Designing all page furniture like buttons and highlight tiles. Story telling and Copy writing.


Programming of the front-end templates html and CSS according to W3C standards. Choosing the right technologies, modules and tools. Search engine friendly and optimised programming. Embeding and customising all tools. (CMS, e-commerce, newsletter, CRM, etc) Quality control: total check, testing and verification. Domain Management and hosing.


Monitoring stats, site usability studies and measuring success. Tweaking and optimising navigation for user guidance. Online marketing (PPC advertising) to drive traffic to your website. Permanent updates: news stories and call to action campaigns Communicating with your audience. (CRM, newsletter tools)


Today it is unlikely you will find an organisation without a website. You are also unlikely to find anyone who believes they have leveraged everything out of their website.

So that must mean there is more to be done; more opportunity; and more return for the organisation but how do you get there ... re-think.

Is it time to take another look at your website?

Is it time to see how to adapt to a more mature market?

Then we encourage you to take the time to re-think.

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