About us and what we can do

The Web Squad is made up of a team of professionals that also has links to professional teams who are highly regarded in the online industry.

Take a little bit of your stereotypical SWAT team, a pinch of Arnie, a whole lot of Clint Eastwood in "Unforgiven", a splash of Linda Hamilton from the Terminator films, add the project/production management skills of Albert R. Broccoli (Bond Movies) and you'd probably have a really good movie, but not a great online website.

The Web Squad specialises in the online business sphere. We provide facilities that help enhance your e-business. The facilities include:

Front End

Site build
Content writing
Management, Monitoring & Updates
Performance Analytics
Compliance Scans & Reporting
Search Marketing
Database design
Online application monitoring
Online Registration
E-commerce Systems
Content Management Systems (CMS)
Newsletter Tools

Back End

Hosting services
Domain Management
Managed Exchange Services
Content Management System
Email newsletter suite
Performance Analytics
Compliance Scans & Reporting
Search Marketing

Online Marketing

Search Enginie Optimisation
Search Engine Marketing
Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC)
Viral Marketing Campaigns
Banner Ads
Online Games



Your website and a central customer database. Email marketing and eCommerce. Web analytics and customer profiling. It's one, central console with everything you need to run your online business.


Payments and

EventOFFICE is an automated registration, payment, ticketing and guest list management tool.